Unusual Chocolate Combinations


As you know, chocolate runs through our veins here at Choc on Choc HQ. We are always up for trying anything chocolate related, no matter how weird or wonderful! Chocolate is the go-to treat for millions across the world, and with good reason. The typically sweet item is the number one flavouring for donuts, cakes, ice cream, anything you can think of! There are some interesting chocolate combinations however, that may not be so familiar. Would you dare to try these unusual chocolate combinations or will you stick to Choc on Choc?

  1. Chocolate Covered Jalapeno Peppers Recipe

  2. Chocolate Bacon Sticks

  3. Chocolate and Parmesan Cake

  4. Chocolate “broccoli” cookies

  5. Chocolate Covered Beef Jerky

  6. Chocolate-covered Sun-dried Tomatoes

  7. Chocolate Quinoa Crumble

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