Mother’s Day Treats Your Little Ones Can Get Involved In

For all of our mums with young children who will be spoilt with love this Mother’s Day, why not get your little ones stuck in with baking an easy treat for you to enjoy too!  


The kitchen + children doesn’t necessarily equal (for the majority of us) joy - rather dread and fear.  This easy treat will not leave a mountain of washing up, take all day to make or cause any arguments. Enjoy! *lack of arguments not guaranteed*



3 medium eggs


200 g unsalted butter


200 g milk chocolate


30 g cocoa powder


100 g self-raising flour


250 g soft light brown sugar




Pre-heat your oven to 170ºC/150ºC fan. Line a 20x30cm baking tray with greaseproof paper.


Melt your butter (200g) and milk chocolate (200g). Over a very low heat, stirring constantly to ensure that it doesn’t burn and the butter and chocolate combine. Alternatively you can also melt them in the microwave (about 1½-2 minutes) or using a bain marie. Once your butter and chocolate have melted pour them into a different bowl to cool. They must be fully cooled before they are added to the other ingredients.


Whisk your eggs (3 medium eggs) until they are pale in colour. Add the soft light brown sugar (250g) and whisk until the eggs and sugar are fully combined and have thickened (you’ll know they’re ready when you lift out the whisk and the drips leave a trail that takes a few moments to disappear).


Add the chocolate and butter mixture (it must be cooled!) and fold it into the egg mixture taking care not to knock out the air.


Chocolate brownies recipe steps 3 & 4. Eggs whisked with brown sugar. Melted chocolate folded into the egg mixture.


Sift your self-raising flour (100g) and cocoa powder (30g) into the mixture and fold everything together. Stop folding as soon as they are combined to avoid overmixing.


Pour the mixture into your prepared tin and smooth with a palette knife or the back of a spoon.


Chocolate brownies recipe steps 5 & 6. Flour and cocoa folded into the other ingredients. Mixture spread into the baking tray.


Cook for 30-35 minutes until the edges of the brownies are just starting to come away from the sides of the tin.


Remove your brownies from the oven and leave to cool in the tin. Once cool remove them from the tin and cut them into 12 pieces (or 48 pieces if you’re making mini brownies).



Recipe from: Charlotte's Lively Kitchen

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