Easter DIY Hacks

Easter comes around and just like at Christmas there are hundreds of Facebook and Instagram posts from your friends and family showing how prepared and crafty they are. This year you can be just as smug with our easy and quick Easter decoration hacks!


  1. Use a toothbrush to make speckled eggs! Who has time to hand paint when you’re busy being the hostess with the mostest?

  2. For an easy place setting, wrap utensils in orange napkins and fasten with a green pipe cleaner to make a carrot style table decoration.

  3. Paint your hard boiled eggs with a black chalkboard paint, and leave chalk around the house to create a hipster do-it-yourself look!

  4. Caged Easter eggs! Pop a chocolate treat into a balloon and blow it up. Then wrap glue dipped string around the balloon, waiting until the glue is fully dry until you pop the balloon and pull it out. You can chose to use plain string or get creative with different colours!

  5. Don’t feel like having food colouring all over your hands for weeks? Use your soup ladle to dip your eggs into the dye = stress free, mess free egg dying!

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