Trick or Treat

Have you ever wondered why trick or treating exists, and where it originated from? Well, during the ninth century, in Ireland, people got involved in a tradition called ‘guising’, which was an event to get dressed up in costumes and accept offerings from households they would visit. The children would sing a song, tell a joke, or perform a form of a ‘trick’ in exchange for gifts. 

The trick or treat tradition then evolved in the United States back in the 1920s. Children were handed lots of gifts to them, such as nuts, coins, toys, and handmade cakes. As trick or treating became more widespread across America, in the 1950s candy manufacturers realised the opportunities and began to promote their products for Halloween. Trick or treating became popular and sweets or candy (as it's known in the USA) became a bigger offering. Halloween is still a tradition in which we like to show off frightening, gruesome costumes, and collect lots of delicious treats!

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