Halloween Costume Ideas

Have you got your Halloween costume made and ready for next week? Time is running out so if you haven’t thought or planned your costume, here are some ideas you could use to look extra scary for this year’s Halloween.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way out of making a costume. Grab yourself a witch’s hat, an old black dress, ripped black tights, black boots and of course don’t forget a witch’s broomstick and you’ll have a wicked witch look in no time.

How about a vicious vampire costume? Get digging in your wardrobe for an old white shirt and some black trousers. You’ll need to find a black and red vampire cape, white vampire fangs, face paint, and fake blood to make the look extra scary!

Try a classic spooky skeleton costume. Get searching to purchase a skeleton t-shirt/outfit and some black and white face paint to cover your face to make your outfit stand out!

If you want to include fake blood into your outfit and want to express your frightening costume this Halloween, try the zombie look. Get an old white t-shirt and splatter it in fake blood! Use face paint and fake blood to cover your face to make it extra gruesome.

Make sure you scare lots of trick or treaters this Halloween!

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