National Chocolate Week

If you didn’t already know – it’s National Chocolate Week! What a great excuse to be able to eat chocolate all week – yum!

To celebrate this year’s National Chocolate week, we have collaborated with @blondieskitchen to bring you some amazing Unicorn Cookie Cups! You can find these majestical beauties at their pop-up Milk & Cookie Bar at @bicestervillage for one week only and they are the perfect pick me up treat for serious shoppers! 

Blondies Kitchen was founded by Chelsie Collins and Kristelle Levy in 2016, Blondies Kitchen is the UK’s first and only Milk & Cookie Bar serving up freshly baked American style cookies, cereal, milk and more. If you can’t make it to Bicester Village you can still buy Blondies Kitchen’s delicious cookie treats on their website. 

Did you know? Our nation are the biggest lovers of chocolate. So much so that in the UK we consume up to 660,900 tonnes of chocolate a year, that’s over an average of 11kg per person per year. The world’s consumption of chocolate is estimated to be at least 7.2 million metric tons. SO MUCH CHOCOLATE!

Can you believe the world spends over £6 billion on chocolate a year! It is estimated that over the Halloween Holidays more than £90 million of chocolate is purchased, so no tricks here! 

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