Our super SMASHING sweet 16!

Have you got a special occasion coming up? Well, forget your standard cake or present! The new way to celebrate is to get your hands on one of our “smash-boxes”. For our sweet 16th birthday we have created some GIANT custard creams in the form of a smash-box!

So, what is a smash-box I hear you say? A smash box is a large chocolate structure that has lots of goodies inside! For our sweet 16th birthday we decided to make our smash boxes in the form of a giant custard cream, so essentially you have to ‘smash’ the giant custard cream to get into the goodies in the centre.  A little wooden mallet comes with it, to make sure you get the correct smash effect! Smash away to reveal a sumptuous amount of sweets and let’s just say that grace and cleanliness is not what a smash-box is about.

A Smash-box really is a creative way of showing a special person how loved they are, as this three-dimensional edible and hollow custard cream contains a whole host of sweets. Just to name a few our giant chocolate custard creams are filled with strawberry pencils, bonbons, marshmallows, snowies and another special treat from Choc on Choc!

As well as getting a mountain of white chocolate and heaps of sweets, you also receive Choc on Choc’s bestselling classic chocolate biscuits inside! Can it get any better?

All presented in a magnetically sealed wooden box, so even when you’ve eaten everything you have a lovely box leftover! Hurry though, we only have 100 available as part of our limited birthday edition!

Interested in learning more about chocolate, make sure you explore the rest of our blog Choc on Choc full of information, top tips, and yummy recipes! 

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