Flo storms BBC Business Live

Today Choc on Choc featured on BBC’s live business feature, ‘Inside Track’. This program looks to examine what really goes on in a business and talk about the inner workings of your company. It gives a clearer understanding of rapidly changing markets within the global economy!

Our chief chocolate lady was lucky enough to be invited to speak on BBC’s live business feature, ‘Inside Track’ this week about how Choc on Choc is livening up the chocolate market. If you didn’t catch it, you can watch it on catch up here or read on to see some of the highlights…

The Choc on Choc story started in 2003 in a village nr Bath in the UK by a father-daughter team, Kerr Dunlop and Flo Broughton. Our factory currently produces approximately 63,000+ chocolates a week and contribute to the £103 billion global chocolate market. Additionally, Choc on Choc has widened the British market for chocolate, helping it grow by 84% since 2010!

With a rise of annual global growth in the chocolate market of 7%, the demand for handcrafted chocolate has shot up over recent years! Additionally, Choc on Choc doesn’t just cater to UK customers but also sells their chocolate across the world in Japan, USA, Australia and across Europe.

In today’s feature, you can see some of our staple products such as our classic cheeseboard, which has all the chocolate and no real cheese! Perfect as a centrepiece, and guaranteed to WOW your guests! Handmade from the finest milk, dark and white Belgian chocolate, this truly is a show-stopper that will get all your friends talking.

Another one of our products on ‘Inside Track’ today was our colourful chocolate cocktails, the perfect treat for happy hour!

Not only were our staple products on the show but we also had our Harry and Megan and Liberty chocolates highlighting how we can create almost anything for a bespoke order!

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