Our super sweet 16th cake-off!

Our sweet-toothed company, Choc on Choc has reached its 16th birthday, and over the years we have seen it rise like a perfectly proved loaf. So, we thought that it would be fitting that our celebrations included a CAKE-OFF!

Our charming challenge saw the staff of Choc on Choc decorate a cake for our super sweet 16! That’s right, today we have fought through piping, perspiration, and soggy-bottoms!

Every year, September welcomes Choc on Choc’s birthday and this year is our 16th, so we’ve decided to go all out on our celebrations. As our cake off is one of our last celebrations this year we really have gone for it! If you head over to the highlight section in our stories, you can see for yourself!

Luckily, our factory has three main rooms so to decide on teams, we kept it simple and split us all into the three different rooms, office, packing and making teams. Each team was then given a three-tiered cake and the only rules to adhere to were:


  • To keep in theme with our super sweet 16
  • To make sure your cake features Choc on Choc chocolates!


We had two hours to create our magical creations! We initially thought that it was a long time, however, we all pretty much used up the full two hours! We now have a whole new outlook on The Great British Bake Off and the trials and time constraints that the contestants go through!

Our first look at the cakes showed a clear winner. However, after a shock first judge from the wonderful Mr Kerr (one of our chief chocolate makers), the packers AMAZING cake was out!

We then uploaded the last two to our Instagram for the public to decide! We did this by using the poll sticker on our stories! You can check this out on our highlights section on our Instagram page!

Interested in learning more about chocolate, make sure you explore the rest of our blog Choc on Choc full of information, top tips, and yummy recipes! 


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