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Thoughts from the Chief Chocolate lady

For The Love of Chocolate

by Flo Broughton 29 Apr 2021 0 Comments

Cadbury Promotion 2021

Well, this is exciting news to share. A few weeks ago we had a call that sounded too good to be true, was there a catch I mean would a big brand really do this! But It’s true  @cadburyuk is running a campaign called for the love of chocolates and we are included!! YUP, us, little old us, they are shining a light on smaller brands I mean seriously how cool is that! It’s even got a TV advert to accompany it!

They have bought our best-selling mini chocolate biscuits and when you order from their site you will get a box and the bar will come in a choc on choc branded sleeve!

Kind of crazy ugh I mean this is a big, huge brand giving us awareness blown away!!

If ever the saying there is “more than enough cake for everyone to have some” was true it’s now !!
When they called I was telling Charlie it’s so exciting that a big brand had included us as we are so small and he said “you can’t be that small mummy if they found you“ long may his adoration continue.

Me giving a fancy quote in the press release:  Flo Broughton from Choc on Choc commentsWe are delighted to partner with such an iconic brand as Cadbury on this good cause; shining a light on our family business and other independent shops up and down the country, all for the love of chocolate! We are thankful for Cadbury’s generosity and are hopeful that through this partnership, everyone will be inspired to do their part to help the high street thrive once again.”  

Let me know if you see the adverts on TV  or any press about it  (a link below so you can see it now though)  I feel like dancing  !! #fortheloveofchocolate #cadbury #choconchoc



In the spirit of believing there is a glass and a half in everyone, Cadbury has partnered with Choc on Choc in Bath, alongside five other independent chocolate shops across the country, to shine a light on the importance of supporting local chocolatiers. Cadbury is urging the nation to look to their local independent chocolatiers for their next cocoa treat – all for the love of chocolate.


 As a mark of solidarity with these six independent chocolatiers, Cadbury is changing its most famous advert; Mum’s Birthday, on TV, outdoors advertising and YouTube, for 2 weeks to feature the partners’ branding instead, replacing its Cadbury Dairy Milk; an activation that would have ordinarily required an advertising budget of almost half a million pounds. It’s a small way for Cadbury to shine a light on its fellow chocolatiers and all for the love of chocolate.

Cadbury is also giving away 2,000 products of the finest chocolate; a variety selected from all six partners will be available from the 4th of May. So, if chocolate fans would like to sample chocolate from Hill Street in Essex; Chouchoute in Birmingham; Choc on Choc in Bath; Melange in London; Cocoa Amore in Leicester, or Cocoa Cabana in Manchester, they just need to visit to claim their free independent chocolate
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