One Year On

 Well, we have all said it but who would have ever thought it would be a year later before we eased out of lockdown. Chocolate it seems has helped a lot of people get through this incredibly hard period. Be it eating chocolate, sending chocolate gifts or using our melt and make kits to become chocolatiers!

It has to be said that the panic of all this got my creative side flowing. We have always drawn and been influenced by what was going on around us usually though fashion and trends, but this was totally different. How could our chocolates bring joy and humor during such a crazy time?

We all went mad for toilet roll, do you remember, what were we thinking!? Why did we need so much toilet roll? And so the toilet rolls in chocolate were created , they became a hit like a crazy hit we sold a set ever 3 seconds, moon pig and funky pigeon listed them , We also created a range for the NHS saying the NHS are amazing , you’re my hero and many other slogans, a chocolate medical kit has been in the pipe line for some time but never made it to a finished product but now more than ever it seemed relevant so we pushed  ahead and dad got that made too.

The orders flooded in as the shops shut and Easter was close the team got the orders out and we thought it was all over . But you guys supported us send gifts all year to loved ones, and then Christmas hit like a tsunami we ended up running the chocolate factory 24hrs a day in order to meet the demand it was amazing, the country at that point was in a tier system and things has got bad again so a lot of worry at work amongst the team. As we all know actual Christmas day kind of got cancelled in terms of seeing our families and then we went into another lockdown, it was then I came up with the socially distanced hugs and the chocolate hundreds and thousands of hugs everyone was so low it was a new year new hopes and everything had been dashed . the prosecco bottle and chocolate message “the only support bubbles you will need was an absolute hit along with the other two designs and we send plenty of those out in January,

As the vaccine roll out began we created our tong n cheek “chocolate golden vaccine” we made a chocolate syringe and packed them in test tube’s , Valentines and Mothers day it was a joy to be able to send out our chocolate messages and create some happiness in all the gloom. This Easter has been like Christmas we had some great features in the daily mail with our chocolate Pineapple where we got a 5/5 review. Our scotch eggs made it into the sun featured three times as we also make for Fenwick and Harvey Nichols we hilariously won “best Presented “ Best Value “ “Quirkiest “ all for the same yummy chocolate scotch eggs filled with salted caramel fudge .

 An now its Easter weekend it  feel like the Christmas break 4 days when we get to stop and enjoy our homes and families and the rule of six outside is back so here’s to seeing some family and friends.


 Have a good one x

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