National Pet Day

It’s national pet day and at Choc on Choc HQ we are thinking about how much we love our pets. Britain is known as a nation of pet lovers, and its true! I know we have all been found guilty of acknowledging people’s pets before the owner once or twice...But why do we love them so much?


Today, we are as obsessed with our pets as ever. There are as many pets as there are people in the UK - an estimated 65 million - and almost every other household is believed to have a pet! That’s a lot of fur.


Whether you are a cat, dog, or even a bird lover -  today is the day is the day to spoil them with love! (More than you usually do). If you love pets but don’t have any you could still get involved by calling by your local RSPCA or pet rescue centre and making a donation of food or treats.


In the meantime you can shop our edible furry friends here!

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