Choc on Choc's Easter Ideas


The Easter holidays are finally here! The holidays are the best time to get all of the family together and to take it all in.


If you’re looking to dodge the April showers or just wanting to get stuck into it all with the kids, there’s plenty to do over the 2019 Easter holidays.


Go and feed the Lambs!


Spring is the time of new beginnings. Spring cleaning, daffodils and of course little lambs! What says ‘Happy Easter’ more than feeding new born lambs on a sunny Spring morning? Get up early, get your wellies on and get down to your nearest petting farm. Don’t forget the camera!


Get crafty!


The holidays are the perfect time to get the creative juices flowing. You can chose to get creative outside, perhaps plant some flowers in your garden or make an Easter wreath! If the weather isn’t as sunny as we wish it would be then you could make some Easter cards, or go one step further and make your own DIY Easter bonnet.




We couldn’t get through this blog post without recommending you chocolate! The go to at Easter is of course Easter egg hunts. Put a spin on the original game by putting different coloured ties around the Easter treats. Blue for younger children, orange for the older lot and green for any adults that are getting involved in the festivities!


Another good chocolatey idea is to make your own Easter eggs with your children, getting them involved in the making is a great way to get them engaged! Buy our make your own egg kit here.



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