Get Crafty


How is it Half term already? I mean you are going to be telling me its almost the end of the school year....say what!!

Blimey where is the time going we have been gearing up for Father’s day here and working on new ideas and taking the photos, Its rained all week I mean all week and if it hasn’t then its chooses the school run pick up time to dump hailstones and torrential rain on us !

So, for half term please let there be no rain! The crafty melt and make kits we have are going to solve a good few problem I foresee it it stays like this!

The moulds are all reusable so once those Lolly pops have been devoured make them again… visit London at home build Big Ben and then colour in the map of London.

If its cold, then Hot chocolate is your friend but make you own its much more satisfying and way more chocolatey!

Not really a maker, more of a builder well that’s fine too our Castle kits come ready made you just need to build and decorate it how you like it and of course do some colouring in while you are at it.

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