Chocolate Trends

Chocolate has now become more adventurous than ever. When would you have ever thought that chocolate and chilli together could work, right? However, all these new trends are working and taste yummy!

January and February are the perfect months for companies to test and trial flavours, to see what flavours will and won’t work. Chocolatiers are all trying to create weird and wonderful ideas, to remain unique in the chocolate industry. Chocolate pairings are becoming more exotic with flavours such as wasabi, soy sauce, mushroom and sweet potato!

A recent chocolate trend on the market is the dark milk chocolate, by mixing the two to get benefits from the taste of milk chocolate and the nutrients from dark chocolate.

The health trend has hit the market, and chocolate companies are enticing people into it by promoting the aspect of taste and health benefits from chocolate – achieving the best of both worlds! They have introduced chocolate flavours such as matcha green tea, pink sea salt, lavender, mint, ginger and many healthier flavours. Low sugar chocolate is also being introduced to attract more consumers into the idea of a healthy way of eating chocolate.

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