How should I store my chocolate?

I’m sure we’ve all been a bit hesitant in thinking where is the best way to store our chocolate! In the fridge, the cupboard or in the naughty chocolate draw at home? Where on Earth is the best place to keep my chocolate fresh and yummy?! Well here at Choc on Choc we have some top tips for storing your chocolate and we’re going to share them with you guys now!

What do you mean store them? We just scoff our choccy straight away! 99% of the time we agree but you never know, one day you might need to store them and when that time comes, you’ll know exactly how to store them after reading this!

Tip 1: Do not put it in the fridge!

Refrigeration isn’t necessary! Chocolate picks up and absorbs many odours, meaning whatever is in the fridge, the chocolate will pick up – not ideal! Does anyone fancy a cheesy bit of choc? We certainly don’t! Additionally, the moisture in the fridge can encourage ‘sugar bloom’, this is where the sugar in the chocolate rises to the surface of the chocolate and discolours it. Whilst this does nothing to the flavour it doesn’t make it look very appetising!

Tip 2: Store it in a cool, but also dry place.

If chocolate is kept at a constant temperature that is below 21°C, and at a humidity of under 55% then the chocolate will stay stable and edible for months, yummmmm!

Tip 3: Careful of odours!

Do be wary though, as it is the cocoa butter in chocolate that picks up the smell of anything that is around it!

Tip 4: lock them away!

Make sure to keep your chocolate in an air-tight container! When oxygen hits chocolate it oxidizes it and when chocolate becomes oxidised it isn’t good. Oxidised chocolate brings out some less than favourable flavourings and we would highly advise against this kind of choccy!

Tip 5: Keep them in the dark!

Not only too much sunlight but too much artificial light can give the same effect as the chocolate becoming oxidised. Not good!

If you store your chocolate in this way then your chocolate can last for ages! Usually if kept in this way then white chocolate can last up to 4 months, milk chocolate can last up to a year, dark chocolate can last up to a whopping 2 years (although who can keep chocolate that long without eating it?!)!!

HOWEVER, it is the Summer and needs must and this Summer is a particularly hot one! So, we do advise to use your fridge! Be sure to follow all the other tips though! Before you place your chocolate in the fridge make sure it is in a secure container so that no odours can get in! When you do come to eat your yummy choccy make sure it is back up to room temperature before you take it out of its wrapping or container.

Interested in learning more about chocolate, make sure you explore the rest of our blog Choc on Choc full of information, top tips and yummy recipes!  

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