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Thoughts from the Chief Chocolate lady

Chocolate hotspots around the UK!

by Flo Broughton 16 Jul 2019 0 Comments

With world chocolate day passing recently we thought we’d share with you some of our UK choc hot spots to celebrate! Here at Choc on Choc we love everything chocolate and can’t wait to share with you our UK top chocolate destinations!

Cadbury World

For those of you who share our passion for everything chocolate, we thought what better place to start that the UK’s biggest chocolate factory, Cadbury World! Famously known across the world, it’s such a treat that Cadbury still produce their products in Birmingham! Not only do they make everything right on our doorstep but also boast a whole range of chocolate attractions. You can have a fun day with the family whilst having some photos with your Cadbury chocolate heroes! What about popping to the café and grabbing a delicious hot chocolate? However, if you’re looking for something a bit more involved you can take part in the Chocolatier Experience in which you can spend 2 hours taking part in a hands-on lesson in the art of chocolate. Learning about everything from the history of chocolate, through the science of chocolate to tasting milk, white and dark choccy! YUM! Or if that all seems like a bit much, you can chill out at the Cadbury factory with your afternoon tea. Complete with classic’s, the people at Cadbury have given their afternoon tea a delicious chocolate twist!

York’s chocolate factory

Next on our list is, York’s chocolate factory! Spread over 3 massive floors, you can uncover a whole host of fascinating facts that lie behind York’s best chocolate products, from the Kit Kat to the unbeatable Chocolate Orange! Ideal for an informative family day out, it honestly is the perfect place to discover and learn about the world of chocolate (as well as eating it). Thanks to York’s leading chocolatiers, York is now a city renowned for its chocolate industry and York’s chocolate factory is the number one place to learn about it! Offering 1-hour educational workshops individually or a group, there really is something for everyone! After your workshop or tour, you can test out your new found knowledge in the gift shop where you can choose your own chocolate for yourself or your loved ones.

Magnum X Page Turners Events

This year Magnum has teamed up with Page Turners Events, which is a community of book reading lovers. The event looks to inspire people to take more pleasure out of life. This event takes place on Thursday the 2nd of August from 7.30-9pm. The evening is hosted by Rachel Arkle, founder of Yoke and she is joined by authors Emily Coxhead (author of Making Someone Happy) and Alexandra Heminsley (author of Leap in and Running Like a Girl). A ticket will set you back £20 but it does include the famous Make My Magnum experience, so whilst learning to take more pleasure out of life you can have deliciously decadent ice cream as well!

The Savoy Temptation Wheel

The Savoy already has an outstanding reputation, but now it gets even better! They have developed an innovative option of adding the temptation wheel to their dining experience. You can let the temptation wheel decide your dining fate, including everything from gourmet desserts to individual hand-crafted chocolates. Divided into separate flavour palettes from rich and indulgent to light and fresh options, aiming to find the perfect after dinner combo! The option of the temptation wheel runs from 7.30 pm to midnight daily.

Lush the Comforter treatment

For those of you that simply just cannot eat another piece of chocolate, why not try something a little different? Why not try Lush’s Comforter treatment! It’s a full body massage and exfoliating treatment but using a hot chocolate scrub for your body, leaving your body glowing and sublimely soft! However, the 60-minute treatment will set you back £100. Additionally, there is also an option to have this treatment with a loved one. You can get these at the following Lush spa locations: Bath, Birmingham, Cardiff, Leeds, Liverpool, Edinburgh, London Oxford Street, and Poole.               

We hope you get to check out some of these amazing choc spots soon!

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