We would like to share with you the precautions we're taking with regard to the spread of COVID-19. 

Our aim is to ensure that we continue to maintain the level of service you would expect from us, whilst we already maintain high levels of hygiene within our production facility, our team has been taking extra steps to go above and beyond what is expected. We are taking extra precautions with the cleanliness of our factory, increasing our routines throughout the day.

As we are situated in a very unsuspecting building in the rural village of Rode, we tend not to have many visitors. Regardless, until further notice, we will only be accepting visits by appointment only. 

We have additional handwashing facilities at the entrance to the premises as well as within. Any deliveries, both incoming and outgoing, are already being handled without any human interaction. 

We also won't be taking any unnecessary journeys, so that we can concentrate on production, and fulfill your orders as quickly as always. Unfortunately, this has meant that some tasting events have been postponed, but we believe that this is the most sensible course of action under current circumstances. 

Ultimately, the health and wellbeing of you and ourselves is our main priority. We hope that in taking these precautions, we can achieve this whilst also allowing us all to do the jobs we love with minimal disruption.